1. All Prices are in Canadian Funds, COD. / FOB Markham, Ontario.
2. Prices Subject to Change Without Notice.
3. OEM Software Must Be Bundled with Qualifying Hardware.
4. Academic Software Must be Sold to Qualified Purchasers.
5. Microsoft® 'Standalone COA's' are Supplied as a 'COA Only.' Microsoft® 'ESD's' are Supplied as a 'ESD's Only.' If Your Intent is to Use It as a Valid 'End-User License' Please Obtain Your Own Legal Opinions as to the Validity. We Assume No Liability For Any Consequences Arising From Your Decision.
6. When Purchasing a COA, You Must Own an OEM Version Disk Prior to Purchase as all COA's are OEM Version and are Not Compatible with a Retail Version Disk.



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